A few minutes from Limoges (87) ikigaibonsaï offers you a space dedicated to bonsai.

The bonsai nursery is open on appointment. You will get advices, services, trees, material and everything that you need to develop your passion for small trees.


    • IkigaïBonsaï will be at the “Bonsaï Club du Limousin” exhibition, on September 28 & 29.

    • IkigaïBonsaï will be present at the Regional Exhibition Centre, organised by Club Eurasia Vichy, on 12 & 13 October.

      • IkigaïBonsaï will be at the National FFBonsaï exhibition, on November 16 & 17.

    • The bonsaido school is back in Limoges, with 2 courses per year, Bruno Mazza the instructor guides you along “the way of bonsai”…


You are interested in bonsai, have questions, need some practice, don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can introduce you to the nursery and the services offered:

  • Care & Works : one-off interventions on your trees (size, shaping, repotting, etc.).
    You lack practice, equipment, time, we suggest you carry out the important operations for the life of your bonsai trees. You will also find advices and answers to your questions.
  • Caretaking : during your vacation, your bonsai will be well looked after.
    IKIGAÏBONSAÏ offers to take care of your bonsai in your absence. Depending on the season, all the necessary care will be provided to them: watering, adding fertilizer, etc….
  • Sales Deposit : You want to part with your bonsai collection
    You wish to part with your bonsai collection, we can take care of it, do not hesitate to contact us to know the conditions.
  • Workshops and Courses : individual workshops with a specific theme.
    Regularly, we will organize courses led by an external speaker who will allow you to work on your trees while taking advantage of informed advice. Groups will be limited to ten people in order to make the most of these days..
  • bonsaido School : a school that offers classes in the spring and fall.

    Bonsai lessons will be given (from October 2021) by Bruno Mazza, an Italian instructor who has studied with the greatest Japanese masters. Classes are in French as you can see on the video of the school page.

    Unlike the one-off work carried out in the internships, monitoring your trees over several years will allow them to evolve and reach the maturity and refinement expected of a bonsai.


Interests in an item? Contact us… You will receive all the information you need to you to ensure a successful purchase.

You will find in the shop:

  • bonsaï, conifers and deciduous trees, trees from Japan, indigenous trees, shohin but also larger trees, yamadori, young plants grown here……




  • Japanese pots from Tokoname, pots from French potters and also homemade pots.




Cut Repot Wire
Dead wood Steel Inox





  • Fertilizers and treatments : being restocked

For foreign, please feel free to contact me…

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